Sashiko inspired coasters

Me and staying up to date… it’s not really happening at the moment, it’s been way tooo much work, but I also need to remember that bills will not pay themselves, so can’t complain. I do love my job!

Sashiko inspited coaster

Here is what I made for my lovely friend, who appreciates hand made items for the home. Every time I visit her she offers tea… Sounds lovely, but she has such a variety of teas it always takes me forever to decide which one I’m going to have. Once I do, we enjoy lovely conversations at the table, sometimes with delicious cake…

But there was one thing missing… The coasters! You can just guess what my thinking was – great idea for a project for me and a hand made gift for my dear friend.

I just love the simplicity and the geometry of sashiko designs, so I looked up a few and eventually came up with these.

3 sashiko inspired coasters

Auntie M.




2 thoughts on “Sashiko inspired coasters

  1. Ewelina says:

    I absolutely love them. They are simply beautiful. I treasure them and still do not use as coasters :), too precious. Thank you Marta

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