Recorder case


Recorder case

Custom order… something a little unexpected at his time, but here it is. You must wonder how it happened…

Well, I’m a member of a few parenting groups (because I work with newborn if I don’t create and knit and…) and groups that sell used items… and a question came up – can anybody make a recorder case for my daughter? So I simply answered saying that I can sew… OK, this case needed a little bit of designing put into it and in a few hours, well over a few days, as I had to work too (I love my job!), it made an appearance.

The final case is a little bit padded, so the recorder can sit in it safely and I’m happy to say I’ve got one very pleased customer who scooted to her recorder lesson with a handmade case and of course the recorder in it.

Check this out I even managed to put together a label for it.


Auntie Marta Studio label

and back…

Auntie Marta Studio label


Here is the case in it’s whole glory.

Recorder case


Looking for an item which you can’t find in Switzerland? Is it made out of fabric? I can sew…

auntie M.








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