Elephants toys

Toy elephants

Elephants toysMeet Ellie and Ollie!

Yes these toy elephants have names… I was visiting new twins at the beginning of this week and this was the present I made for them.

Are you wondering what happened with cute baby hats? Well, this was my initial idea, but their mum can knit very well and I’m more than sure they have plenty of knitted goodies.

The ears came out not as I expected, but I’m really happy with the contrasting colours and different textures, which will provide great sensory stimulation when the babies are a wee bit older and able to hold them. I’m sure there will be plenty of chewing…

Elephants toys

Here are the details…

And it all started with…

Elephant templateAs you can see I can’t draw very well and the picture hardly resembles an elephant, I’m lucky babies are too small to tell the difference…


auntie M.

White baby hat

White baby hat

White baby hat

I love knitting baby hats… You could say I keep on collecting them.

I don’t have photographs of all the hats I made, sadly, but there is still more to come. This white merino wool hat went to a tiny baby boy a few months ago. Yes, it was still before the summer… I’m just very slow writing anything and sharing the pictures.

Here is a little detail of the top…

Top of hat


I’m working on more hats at the moment and there is a reason behind it, so watch out for the next post! There will be a few hats for sale in the shop in different sizes for boys and girls. These hats make very special presents for baby showers or Christmas, any occasion is perfect… Everybody needs a snugly hand made hat when it’s chilly outside.

I’m always happy to take custom orders… Just contact me.


auntie M

Key fob

Twin cardigans

The evenings at the end of last year were rather long, so I had all the time in the world to look for a knitting pattern for my twin cardigans. I did not have much luck… You can call me picky, but I’ve been working with babies for over 12 years now and know same designs look extremely cute, but are utterly impractical for small babies. Finally I found this pattern which was a great inspiration.

Candy colours

Candy Baby Cardigan

Deep pinks and purples

Deep pink baby cardigan

I have to say the pink and purple one is my favourite. Even better they were a great fit when babies were 3.5 months old. I was thrilled I didn’t knit the cardigans in tiny newborn size, they would be way too small.

Auntie M.


Sashiko inspired coasters

Me and staying up to date… it’s not really happening at the moment, it’s been way tooo much work, but I also need to remember that bills will not pay themselves, so can’t complain. I do love my job!

Sashiko inspited coaster

Here is what I made for my lovely friend, who appreciates hand made items for the home. Every time I visit her she offers tea… Sounds lovely, but she has such a variety of teas it always takes me forever to decide which one I’m going to have. Once I do, we enjoy lovely conversations at the table, sometimes with delicious cake…

But there was one thing missing… The coasters! You can just guess what my thinking was – great idea for a project for me and a hand made gift for my dear friend.

I just love the simplicity and the geometry of sashiko designs, so I looked up a few and eventually came up with these.

3 sashiko inspired coasters

Auntie M.